Moving Beyond Uggs: Style Tips for a Warm and Sexy Winter

Ah, late fall. Midterms have passed, Halloween decorations festoon every front porch and retail store, piles of red and orange and yellow leaves line the streets, and there’s a lovely crispness to the air, which, before we know it, will turn to terrifying sub-zero wind chill factors and white-out blizzard conditions.
Woot. Woot.
But just because it’s time to put your miniskirt away doesn’t mean you have to start dressing yourself like Estelle Getty (god rest her sassy little Golden Girls soul). There are plenty of ways to bundle yourself against all forms of winter weather while still looking like a hottie.


Lucky for all of us who live in the northern reaches of the U.S., layering continues to be all the rage in fashion. Stay warm while rushing between buildings to your next class by wearing multiple light weight pieces on top of each other. Por exemple, a tank top under a long sleeve tee under a cardigan will keep you cozy without making you look like the Michelin Man. Throw on a scarf (another fashion must these days) for even more insulation. On real nippy days, put on some long johns – believe me, those puppies work wonders and fit nicely under most clothing.
Get Russian About It
So I don’t know if you guys know, but Russia is pretty chilly; hence, those f**kers know how to bundle. For serious drops in temperature, think Soviet style: giant fur hats (fake, if you’re broke or a hater), full-length high-collared wool coats, knee-high riding boots. Not only will you be impervious to the cold, you’ll feel like a sexy spy from the 1950s. What more could you want out of life?


Though they won’t stand up to truly horrendous weather, tights are a fun way to add color/texture to an otherwise mediocre outfit, and are surprisingly warm. Wear them under a dress or tailored shorts with some boots for the perfect going-out-dancing-but-trying-to-avoid-frostbite-en-route get-up.
Invest in Nice Things
I revel in cheap shopping as much as the next girl (Insert shoutout to Forever. Love you, boo!) but high-quality cold weather items are worth dropping cash on. A nice winter coat will save you months of bitching and misery, and good boots can make the difference between making it to class or deciding to stay home because you can’t face the four inches of snow that fell overnight. If you’re willing to splurge a little, you can easily find items that are both cute and can improve your winter tenfold.
So remember ladies; when the weather gets chilly in the coming weeks, don’t settle for sweatpants tucked in to Uggs. Sexy is for all seasons!

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