The Love List: Stuff White People Like and Stuff I Like.

[Welcome to my Weekly Love List. A list, on all things I love. Because if I love them – well then obviously you may (and should) love them too. As the Backstreet Boys song says (and yes I am actually quoting them) “My Love is All I Have To Give.” So with that throwback, here are this week’s list-worthy things…]
1. Wall Decals– The best way to make your dorm room or apartment look more legit. It looks like it’s hand painted or wallpaper, but- surprise! – it’s a removable decal. So leave those drinking posters with the ripped corners to the boys. You can find them in fun shapes, pictures, sayings – you name it – there is a decal for it. Click here for another great option!
2. T-shirt quilt. So you have 5 bajillion t-shirts from the 5 bajillion bar crawls, Powder Puff football games, Halloweens, college sports teams, etc. Some have holes, some don’t fit (thank you, Freshman Fifteen), but mostly you just don’t have enough room in your tiny closet, or enough days in the year, to wear all of them. But you can’t seem to part with them given that each has a fabulous drunken story behind it. Solution? The T-shirt quilt. It’s a bit pricey but it’s a way to keep them forever without sacrificing room in your closet.
3. Almond Breeze ‘Milk’. It’s yummy, all natural and super low calorie. Not to mention it’s a great alternative to dairy and soy and since the studies on soy being good/bad for you is more fickle than Britney Spears‘s sanity, this milk is definitely worth loving.
4. Stuff White People Like. A blog-turned-book that is incredibly entertaining. But don’t leave it on a plane for the flight attendant to find; he will think you are a racist. I know this because it happened to me. Not at all awkward OR uncomfortable.
5. Kiehls Lip Balm #1. Nothing sucks more than dry lips – well, except maybe Gonorrhea or Diarrhea. But this lip blam helps tackle dry lips all winter long. Love, love, love it.

Fashion (and Shoes) Reaches New Heights
Fashion (and Shoes) Reaches New Heights
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