Amy Poehler is the ‘Smart Girl at the Party’

“Smart Girls at the Party” is a new online series presented by Barbie about young girls doing great things. The show is meant for kids (I mean, it’s sponsored by Barbie, duh), but it’s host is SNL’s very own baby mama, Amy Poehler. Funny lady Poehler sits down with these girls and interviews them as if she were Larry King. It’s adorable and hysterical at the same time.
In this episode, Poehler sits down with 10-year-old writer, Cameron, and asks about her process and how she deals with writer’s block. I don’t care if the show is meant for 12-year-olds, it’s freakin funny. Amy Poehler pretending to be serious is hysterical. And these girls taking her seriously is evern funnier.
Personally, I think the idea behind the whole show is great. Being the smart girl at the party will get you farther than being the skank at the party. I’ve seen one too many sexy 5th graders for my taste and it’s about time they stop trying to be like Paris, and start being more like Natalie. Don’t you think?
Rock on Amy Poehler…and Barbie!

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Candy Dish: Don’t worry guys, Miley’s still with us
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