Saves My Poor Fashion Sense

I know you’ve done this…(or at least I hope you have so I’m not the only one)
You’re walking down the street and you see some girl who looks perfectly put together: Cute outfit, matching accessories, perfect hair and make-up. She looks like a freakin’ celebrity. Meanwhile, you’re scrubbin’ it in jeans, your college sweatshirt, and flip flops. And you think to yourself…why can’t I be that put together? It’s like these girls just roll out of bed, spin around super fast, and are instant fashionistas. I just want to walk up to them and ask “What are you wearing? How do you look so good?”
Well there’s a place that will do it for me so that I don’t look like such a creeper. is an awesome site that talks to these stylin’ people off the street and asks them what they’re wearing, where they got it, and what is their must have item. It also gives you a list of links so you can find the items yourself!
I now have no excuse to go anywhere looking like I just rolled out of bed. Thank you BeautifulStranger.

What Women Want: Preppy or Sporty?
What Women Want: Preppy or Sporty?
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