Cute and Stylish Options for Keeping Your Tootsies Toasty This Winter

So winter is right around the corner (and for those of us on the East Coast, the last few days have felt like it’s already here. BRRR!), and we all know that winter means that every moment you spend outside – trekking to class, waiting to get into a bar/club, or just running necessary errands – suddenly seems a whole lot longer due to the frosty temps.
We also know our feet are one of the quickest body parts to feel that freeze and having popsicles for toes, well that can just ruin your whole day. However, you don’t have to give up style in order to keep those footsies warm; there are plenty of boot options out there that can help us escape the oversized, ugly appearance of so many snow boots and, yes, Uggs. (I’m sorry. Contrary to popular belief, I think these are far from fashionable and guys agree.) You can find them in all sorts of prices ranges, but I have found tons of adorable options that are all $150 or less.
Trudging around in snow up to your ankles can be a real pain, but there are some darling snow boot options out there. They may not be day-to-night kinda shoes, but at least they’ll keep you warm (and cute) on your way to class.
I found all three of these styles at Target for extremely reasonable prices. Click on the boot for more info.

I love these boots, and at $36.99, how can you say no?

These boots, are a bit pricier ($79.99), but Sorel makes a very sturdy and warm boot, and the houndstooth print is so perfect for this season.

These are a really basic pair, but they’re the perfect price ($34.99), and you can easily tuck skinny jeans into them.

If you’re absolutely hooked on the look and feel of Uggs, but want to go for something a little more sleek and stylish, try one of these options out…

These are available at Payless and are on sale for $26.99!!

I am absolutely DROOOLING over these: they’re waterproof, have microfur lining, and a thermolite footbed, so they’re bound to keep your feet warm while looking incredibly chic at the same time. They also come in 2 colors (cement gray and black) and 2 materials (suede and patent).

These Michael Kors boots are shearling (like Uggs), but have a much sleeker design. Plus, the added shearling details are just super cute over a pair of jeans.

If you’re going for a more rugged look, these two styles should appease you…

These riding boots are adorable and functional. In addition to being super cute, they have rugged soles for good traction and fur lining to insure warmth.

This boot has the look of a motorcycle boot, but it happens to be waterproof so it won’t leak slushy snow onto your socks. It also comes in three colors. The downside is this boot doesn’t have a lining, so be sure to put on a thick pair of warm socks.

And if you need a look that can translate from day-to-night and can be worn into a nice restaurant or bar, check these babies out…

These Michael Kors booties will look adorable under a pair of bootcut jeans, and you’ve got a rubber wedge heel so you get some height, but you’re less likely to fall on your ass in slippery conditions. They come in 4 colors, are shearling lined, and are on sale for a $59.95, SCORE!!

Here is a pair of gorgeous leather knee high boots that also happen to be water proof! Ward off those wintry conditions and still look trendy…who knew it was possible?!?

Try these out for a fun take on the riding boot. Patent leather, waterproof and lined to keep your feet warm, they’ll look fantastic with a cute sweater and a pair of skinny jeans.

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