The Body Blog: Why Liftin’ Weights is Key

[Exercise, health and fitness are an important part of every woman’s life. But how do you know if you’re doing it right? And what new findings, tips and advice will help you reach your health fitness goals? Kelly, our fitness guru, will keep you updated every Monday with the latest and most beneficial news and advice for your health and body. We’ve covered cardio fitness before, but this week we turn our attention to the often neglected workout of weight lifting.]
While most people tend to focus on the right types of cardio to get their most successful workout on, it’s not the only way to tone, shape and define our bodies into what we want them to be.
Lifting weights can often get a bad rap; lots of women think that weight lifting is designated for those big, steroid looking macho men that hang around the gyms. But, little do some know, weight lifting is perfect for all shapes and sizes; it’s just a matter of finding what works for you.
According to the lovely, weight lifting can help women:
• Have easier weight loss or weight maintenance
• A leaner, stronger body
• Improved appearance
• Better posture
• Lower blood pressure
• Increased resting metabolism rate
• Improved balance and coordination
• Stronger bones, and protection against osteoporosis
Bet you didn’t know that, eh?
What is the best way to incorporate weights into your workout to become a toned, but feminine buff chica?
If you don’t belong to a gym where you can use the free weights, go to a sports store and buy 5lb and/or 10lb hand weights. Then, grab a chick 8-minute Workout DVD, or go to an online workout website like, where there are various videos demonstrating tutorials on how to workout. If you have a gym membership, talk to a trainer or try a weight lifting class, like Muscle Jam or Boot Camp.
Whatever you choose, make sure to incorporate weights into your weekly routine. Cardio is great, but it is by no means the only workout you need to get into tip top shape.

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