Beyonce = Sasha Fierce

Apparently, Beyonce has an alterego. Kind of like how Garth Brooks did that whole Chris Gaines thing.

In her latest album, “I Am…Sasha Fierce,” Miss B introduces us to Miss Sasha Fierce, her more sensual, outgoing alterego. The record is split into two discs. On Sasha’s disc, you hear upbeat dance tunes, like “Single Ladies”; while on Beyonce’s disc songs like “If I Were a Boy” make up most of the playlist.

But if you ask me, this Sasha character looks like a boy…dressed as a girl.

What is the purpose of this alterego BS anyway? It didn’t work for Garth…because no one bought it.

WTF Beyonce? I mean, we love your music! Why confuse us by throwing your identity crisis in the mix?

Regardless the album rocks…hopefully for the next one she’ll drop her tranny-friend Sasha and just be herself.

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Candy Dish: Holiday Make-up for you and for all!
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