He Said/She Said: Do Guys Like Sarcasm?

A friend sent me this post last week and asked me what I thought about it. Being a very sarcastic (and witty, if I do say so myself) person, I got scared. And embarassed. An angry. “Yeah, cuz this loser knows what he’s talking about.”
Woops; that was just more unfeminine sarcasm.
I couldn’t stop thinking about the strong opinions the author held and wondered if they were his alone, or if all the men I have ever liked (and not dated) felt the same. Do guys find women who are sarcastic unattractive? Is sarcasm the unibrow of a woman’s personality (hence the photo)? I asked a guy:

Pillow Talk with Diana: “My Boyfriend is Bi!”
Pillow Talk with Diana: “My Boyfriend is Bi!”
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