Candy Dish: Outrageous Weddings and Magic Vajayjays

I don’t know about you, but I hope my wedding is exactly like this…NOT

 Is your lack of sleep starting to show? Try this.

 Say good-bye to Coldplay…so sad!True or False: Thanksgiving myths!

 Kelly Osborne is gettin’ married…according to Facebook, that is.

 How to save money in college…

 …plus some money saving beauty tips!

 The Governator pnly has one ball?! what?!

 Spitzer’s “magic vagina” has her first interview…can’t wait for that!

 Britney has a crush on Becks…and I don’t blame her.

Makeup 101: Celebrate Your “Imperfections”
Makeup 101: Celebrate Your “Imperfections”
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