Fashionably Techy: Buying A Camera

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So the holidays are coming up and you can’t decide what to give the loved ones in your life. Or probably more accurately, what you want (I want a new TV… just sayin’). One of the hot items this season is a camera. It’s the perfect gift (aside from that TV I mentioned earlier): it’s not too expensive, everyone loves em, and it’s extremely handy. But, as always, it’s always a good idea to know who you’re shopping for.
The Casual Photographer
These are the friends and family that only take pictures at gatherings and vacations. For memories. Their shots aren’t always great and more often than not it’s some group picture. A sub division of this group is the “caught you doing something stupid” photographer.
For these people I suggest a light weight and sturdy camera. They don’t want to bother with something bulky and heavy,nor do they need a bunch of special features. They’re more about point and click. Sturdy because, well, it’s going to be tossed around, thrown into bags, shoved into pockets and all manner of things. That little guy will need to be able to take a hit.
I would recommend this Kodak Easyshare. It’s EASY, as the name implies, and is more focused on the fun of photography.
The Hobbyist
This the person you know who wants you to stand in a certain ray of light, or pose just so. They walk around with their camera taking shots of nature and society. Maybe they’re art students and these are just future studies for them. For whatever reasons, they’re looking for more in a shot than a memory.
These people will need a little better quality of camera. They need a clearer, crisper picture. More mega pixels. More zoom and light options.
Something more like this Canon would work better for this set.
The Professional
Stop right there. You can’t buy a camera for them on your budget, and if it’s for you, you might want to sacrifice a little on what you want. In any case if you’re still looking to give a gift, then have you thought about accessories?
From Digital picture frames to extra printer ink the list is endless. Make a little bundle pack.
In any case these are just suggestions to get you started. Look around the fliers to find things of comparable quality. A different brand might be way cheaper (especially with the season) and have all the same qualities. Happy shopping!

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