Just The Tip, Prince Willy…

Well, ladies, if you have ever wondered what Prince Willy’s willy looks like…today is your lucky day.Pictures have surfaced of the future King of England with his junk out and about for the world to see. This is the peepee that will lead the future of England… the royal scepter, the monarch manhood, the regal wanker in Cockingham Palace!
But, seriously, WTF is he doing? and why is he holding his bangers and mash like a fag? (English word of the day: Fag is a cigarette, and he is seriously holding it like one.)
Maybe that’s how they do it in the UK…you know, like how they drive on the other side of the road?
I don’t know…but I never would have thought that I would see the future ruler of England takin’ a leak on a fence.
That is definitely not proper, Willy, your Grandmama would have a fit! Find a loo!!!

The CC Weekly Weigh In: We Are Thankful
The CC Weekly Weigh In: We Are Thankful
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