All Made Up: The Smoky Eye Demystified

[Every Saturday I wake up early, brush on some much needed concealer, and come here to bring you the best beauty products, tips and ideas. I’ve changed your life with some awesome makeup innovations, so now I’m back with more beauty finds that will enhance your eyes…and your life.]
The Smoky Eye. It’s one of the most powerful make up maneuvers a woman can use. It’s sexy and seductive, but do it wrong and you can look like you took a swift fist to the eye. Or like a crack whore. Thank God that some very clever brands took all the mystery out of the smoky eye. They’ve made it simple for us. So if you want a fool-proof smoky eye, try one of these fantastic products.
Stila Smoky Eye Talking Pallet ($40
This little pallet could be called “Smoky Eye for Dummies.” It comes with 4 shades perfectly suited for a smoky eye, but the really crazy thing is that it actually talks you through the steps. You press a button, and it plays an audio recording taking you step by step through the process. Stila has some of the best eye shadows around, so you get the best of both worlds: quality product and technical instruction all in one little box! Plus is comes in 5 different color collections so you can pick the perfect shades for you.
Too- Faced Smoky Eye Pallet ($32
So it may not talk to you, but the Too Faced Pallet does have a step by step instruction card. The thing that makes this pallet special is that is comes with NINE colors. They are divided up into three different looks – a soft brown for day, a classic black for evening, and a bold color combo. It keeps things simple and organized and gives you plenty of options for whatever mood you are in!
Sephora Brand Smoky Eyes Pallet ($38
This pallet has four colors for the classic smoky eye. The thing that really separates this pallet from the rest is it’s the complete package. Every pallet has shadows, but this special little product has an eyeliner pencil and a mini-mascara. It’s the perfect thing to throw in your bag and have everything you need to create a sultry seductive smoky eye any time, any place!

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