Discover The Best Of Fashion And Photography With Flickrista!

I had a philosophy professor once tell me that the greatest thinkers were the synthesizers, the ones who took two or more good things and combined them.  And I think he’s got a point: peanut butter and jelly, sporks, hybrid cars…the world is a better place because of these things. And a new website is combining two of my favorite things: fashion and photography. Flickrista will change the world of fashion as we know it (a new kind of guerrilla fashion, all you Little Js out there?) while showcasing a rotating crop of eye-gasmic photos, as well.
How does it work? Flickrista is a daughter site of Flickr, the widely-popular photo-sharing site. Flickr members can submit their fashion photography to the Flickrista group pool, from which Flickrista editors will choose the best pics to feature on the site. The benefit to this process is that stylists, models, and photographers alike can all get their work noticed and Flickrista group members can interact with one another by sharing comments and suggestions.  And new photos are always being posted, which means more opportunities for inspiration- whether your weapon of choice is a camera or a kitten heel.
[photo courtesy Dezdemonchik via Flickrista]

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