Oral Sex Can Get You Evicted!

Thanksgiving is almost here and I know what I’m thankful for this year: an excuse not to have to answer to any guy’s begging/pleading/ not-so-discreet attempts to push me downtown for a little oral action! (What? I really just don’t enjoy it…and it is a lot of freaking work!)

“Sorry, dude. I don’t want to get evicted.”

Ok, so it’s not a perfect excuse, but it’s something. Especially if the dude is younger than you…and also considered a minor.

That’s exactly what has happened to Wendy Whitaker. According to reports, the state of Georgia considers Whitaker a sex offender (and charged the woman with sodomy!) for performing a little somethin’ somethin’ on her then 16 year old boyfriend. When she was 17.

Oh yeah. This was 10 years ago!

The state is forcing her and her husband from their home because it just so happens to be near a school, which is illegal for registered sex offenders. Not only that, but they have set the eviction date for Thanksgiving. Such kind people.

Whitaker has attempted to appeal this ruling, but things aren’t looking good. The woman just can’t catch a break. Here’s hoping someone down there in Georgia puts their head on straight and realizes just how effed up this whole thing really is.

Until then…I’m anti-oral. I just can’t take any chances!

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