Style Idol: Glamour Goddess, Dita Von Teese

[Celebrities get paid to look good and serve as a style guide to all us common folk, and part of looking good is flaunting their totally awesome fashion sense. Each week, I will be highlighting my Style Idol of the week: a celebrity who consistently shows keen fashion sense and whose closet I would raid in a heartbeat.

Of course, no celebs are immune to the occasional “what the hell were they thinking?” moment, but for the most part, these celebs look foxy and fabulous and inspire us all to do the same.]

Dita Von Teese is famous for her infinitely sexy burlesque act (I actually saw her perform at a small party a few years back, and let me say, it is quite spectacular), and for having been married to freakish Marilyn Manson. Lately, however, she has been getting a new sort of notoriety: for her fabulous style.

Dita stands on her own as the Diva of Retro. She pulls off this look with vintage-inspired clothing, dramatic coloring and her signature pin-up hair and ruby red lips. She is a dream for many couture designers such as Marchesa, Vivienne Westwood, Roland Mouret and Christian Dior/John Galliano, as their gowns perfectly hug her amazing and almost unbelievable hourglass figure. She accentuates the beauty of her classic looks by adding fun and flirty accessories like sky-high heels and funky hats.

Dita embodies glamour like no one else and makes it look effortless in the process; that’s enough for me (or anyone) to consider her a Style Idol of our time.

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