The Perks of a Weekend at Home

College life is great. Where else are sweatpants acceptable attire…anywhere? Where else can you crack a beer at 11 am and instead of being criticized, you’ll most likely be asked to pass one down. Come home at 3 am on a Tuesday and need pizza? You got it. Feel like blowing off class to go to the pool? No prob.

So it’s understandable why the anticipation of a trip home for the weekend (like this coming holiday weekend) can inspire a little anxiety, but once you cross the threshold of Home Sweet Home, you’ll remember just why it’s so sweet.

1. Home cookin’.

After a daily diet of fast food, dining hall “cuisine” and failed attempts at domesticity (and a pasta based backup plan) it is amazing to come home to fresh and delicious food. You want your childhood favorite? Mom and Dad will happily oblige. For one glorious weekend you get to come home to a hot meal every night, no stress required. And in those situations when someone just doesn’t feel like cooking, bring on the restaurants. When the closest thing to a gourmet meal you can afford is Olive Garden, nosh that’s a little more your parents’ taste leaves you feeling like you ate dinner at Buckingham Palace.

2. Retail Affection.

The initial bone crushing hugs and sporadic wistful looks followed by hugs that you’ll get all weekend are nothing compared to what you’ll score if you can get Mom to the mall. Her poor baby has been living in poverty at school as far as she’s concerned (and for the most part she’d be pretty accurate), so she’s more than willing to splurge on necessities like warm winter clothes (yes, everyone at school has 7 different coats, obv.), “comfortable” shoes for walking around campus (easily expandable into high heel territory) and any other array of daily wear that you have no access to at school. After all, Mom and Dad can’t expect you to shop at the bookstore for University brand gear every time you need a new outfit. And don’t forget the back to school care package you’ll probably get as you’re packing up. Take advantage and stock up on toiletries, hard to find makeup, laundry detergent, and any groceries you can bring back with you.

3. Your own bed.

The second your head hits your pillow on that first night back in your old room, you instantly feel comfortable. Your bed (if it was anything like mine) was there for late night sleepover whisper fests, studying for impossible AP exams, talking on the phone to your crush, steaming after fights with your parents, crying over heartbreaks and begging you not to wake up for your crack of dawn alarm for ridiculously early high school classes. Falling into it is like seeing an old friend and you get to sleep like a rock until you’re woken up by the scent of fresh pancakes…

4. Being a kid again.

The second you walk through your door, no matter what age you are, you instantly revert to age 10. Enjoy having your laundry done for you, every meal prepared just the way you like it and fussing over your hair, weight, dental health, etc., The best part? Since you’re technically a guest in your own home, count on little to no chores.

5. Old friends and haunts.

It’s great to see all your friends that went off to different schools and cities, especially great when gathered around a keg. Going out with your high school BFF’s as college students allows you to catch up and show each other just how much harder your school parties than their’s does. Also a perk? Going out to clubs at home if you live in a big city. Either you’re 21 by now or your fake is a lot more believable and you can finally check out what all the hype was about all those years spent as a minor.

Of course all of these aspects of going home are excellent, but the best one by far is the knowledge that you get to go home (to your new home) at the end of the weekend. It’s long enough to catch up and bond with the fam, pamper yourself with a free vacation before you head back to the world of school and responsibility, but not long enough for you to tire of curfews, chores and an itch for independence. So pack your bags gladly whether your coming or going home, you have a great weekend ahead of you at home and an equally awesome life to return to.

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