Tuesday’s College Blogger Shout Out

We love the internet for 3 main reasons:
1. We can do just about everything (shop, date, job hunt, talk to professors) in our underwear.
2. Talk to people and say things we would never have the balls to say in person (”You are being a bitch,” “I totally heart you.”)
3. We can procrastinate on everything in favor of the endless entertainment the inter-webs provide.
The sheer number of blogs and awesome websites out there is astounding…and nearly impossible to navigate. Which ones are good? Which ones are bad? Which ones will flash giant naked men on our screen? (Editor’s Note: Those are my favorite!) Which ones talk about all the stuff I want to hear?
That’s why we are here.
There are so many great college blogs out there and we want to share them with you. Because, after all, we college kids gotta stick together. So, here are a few of our favorites for this week:
1. Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman: She’s cute, she’s relateable, and she’s a she (which you don’t see much of in the blogosphere).
2. Life As a Hyperbole: Even though he totally hated on the Michigan fight song (errrr), this kid is funny and his lists are the perfect distraction during lecture/paper writing/your friend venting about her boyfriend…again.
3. The Old College Try: Another college lady writing about her life. And we can’t stop reading it!
4. Confessions of a Nerd: Makes you think. Oh, and we love embracing Nerd-dom.

Come on, All the Cool (College) Kids Are Doing It
Come on, All the Cool (College) Kids Are Doing It
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