He Said/She Said: Meeting the Parentals

So it’s Thanksgiving.
If you are single, that means it is a day to fill that lonely void with family, football, frosting-covered desserts. If you are in a relationship, that means it is time for some meeting of the parents, whether your boy is meeting yours, or you are heading home with him for the holiday.
You meeting his parents? You will do fine – moms always love their son’s girlfriends.
Is he meeting yours? Well, that is a whole different story.
Many of us don’t think much of this moment; we just want our parents to meet the new dude in our lives. But to guys, meeting the parents is huge. Momentous. Monumental. OhMyGodSheWantsToGetMarried!!!
At least that’s what I gathered from my ex boyfriend who ran to the hills when I invited him to my parents’ for dinner. I thought maybe he didn’t like burgers, but as one of my male advisors explained, the meat was the least of his problems. It was the dinner guests that were the real issue.
Why is it such a big deal? Why can’t guys just man up and handle a free dinner? Let’s see what a guy had to say…

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Tuffy Luv Sez, For Real Real Or For Gay Gay?
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