Love Em or Hate Em: Thanksgiving Dinner Edition

Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!
Right now you are either working out in anticipation of tonight’s food fest, or diving face first into a plate of sweet potatoes and marshmallows. Yum.
Instead of running our regularly scheduled “Love Em or Hate Em” column this week, I decided to honor my favorite holiday with a special fashion poll. Because who really cares what everyone thinks of Leather Leggings when there is a giant Pumkin Pie in front of you!? And more importantly, who the hell can fit into them after a full day of stuffing yourself with stuffing?
So, let’s get to the real important questions on this gluttenous holiday: When you head out to Thanksgiving dinner today, will you be wearing unforgiving pants, or a nice roomy dress?
[polldaddy poll=1418662]

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