The Pissed List: After Giving Thanks, A Time To Vent

[This week has been great for most of us. With Thanksgiving 2008 in the books, most of us are still home, cozy, and enjoying spending time with friends and family. But even though I’m thankful for my loved ones and my health, there are still a few things I’m not about to praise. A few things that have gotten under my skin and fired me up. The following is this week’s Pissed List, so if you’ve got to vent, too, just holla atcha girl!]
1. The Mumbai Massacre
It was not even a month ago that the United States elected Barack Obama as our 44th President, inspiring support and celebration for our fair country all over the globe. But the latest string of terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India have served as a cold reminder of the state of the world today. As our nation prepares to move into a new era of change, it is sickening to see a renewed display of hatred and violence in other parts of the globe. News reports have not yet confirmed who is responsible for the continuing siege on the financial capital of India, and some are noting that as-yet-unheard-of terrorist cells are taking responsibility for the attacks. Regardless of who is responsible, reading reports of the climbing death toll is absolutely despicable.
2. The Stampede Death Of The Wal-Mart Worker on Black Friday
Uncalled for, people. Jdimytai Damour, 34, was literally trampled to death by a raging mob who physically broke down the doors to a Long Island, NY Wal-Mart at 5 am on Black Friday. He was not a Wal-Mart employee but a temp hired by an employment agency specifically to help with the holiday rush. My guess is that he would have much rather been sound asleep at home with his family than awaiting the rush of greedy bargain-hunters that morning. Unlike the careless, selfish crowd who ultimately caused his demise, it was not Mr. Damour’s choice to be at that Wal-Mart so early on the day after Thanksgiving. I hope those shoppers are happy with their mp3 players, because while they may have saved a little extra cash on their purchases, they didn’t save Jdimytai. For shame.
3. The Subway Fare Hike
I live in New York City, where riding the subway is an integral part of everyday life. I probably take the train at least two or three times a day, and at the present cost of $2.00 per ride, I’m spending about as much for transportation daily as I do for lunch. But with the economy slipping these days, it’s no wonder that the Metropolitan Transit Authority (which runs the city subway system) is in bad shape, too. But the MTA’s proposed solution to its money troubles includes hiking the fares, eliminating some train and bus lines altogether, and increasing wait time between trains. Which means a more crowded, more expensive, and more time-consuming commute for us all. Ughh!!
4. Thanksgiving Break Blues
Okay, hear me out on this one. I love Thanksgiving break–it’s my favorite holiday, and I love me some terrific home cooking, but when it comes to its position on the school calendar, it couldn’t occur at a worse time. There’s nothing quite as crummy as getting settled in at home only to know that you have to go back to school on Monday for the three most agonizing weeks of the semester. For the forseeable future, I will be a library zombie writing ten-page paper after ten-page paper and studying my ass off for my final exams. (And a special note to all of you professors out there who like to assign 3-hour final exams in addition to term papers of more than twelve pages: why do you have to be so cruel?) But for now, I will remain curled up on my couch with my tea and newspaper, in utter denial of the academic marathon I’m set to run starting tomorrow morning.
What’s pissing YOU off this week?
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