The Hills: Why You Bangin’ Justin Bobby?

So, I was gone for a few weeks and missed out on a lot of Hills recapping. I was so excited to get back into it…until I actually watched tonight’s totally sucky episode. Like most episodes of The Hills, nothing really happened. In fact, the entire show can be broken down into two sentences:
Lauren and Audrina make up.
Spencer acts like a douche in front of his Nana.
Now, let’s take a closer look.
The show begins with Lauren talking to Lo about Audrina and Audrina talking to that coworker of hers about Lauren. LC vents to Lo that Audrina attacked her and doesn’t trust her. Audrina tells her coworker all about how the entire conversation she had with Lauren the night before was a “total scream fest.” (Really, Audrina? A scream fest? Maybe that is because you were at a bar. Surrounded by people and loud music. Ever think of that? Maybe LC had to scream, so you could HEAR HER.)
Watching these conversations happen reminded me that there are 3 sides to every story. And that you shouldn’t let your insecurities get the best of you (Audrina!). Oh, and that you should always wash your hair and put on makeup when your coworker is on an MTV reality show.
Audrina and Lauren end up meeting up again to make up. (Note: Good move with the crying, Audrina. You knew that would get LC back on your side.) Not surprisingly, they do it at a bar. Is this how things work in LA? Do people ever do things in the privacy of their own homes? I usually reserve my fights with people for Instant Messenger (what? I hate confrontation), but most of the people I know would prefer to have a fight in the comforts of their home, rather than getting dolled up to duke it out at a lounge.
But I’m from the Midwest, so what do I know?
Now it’s time to move onto the Spencer/Nana sitch. Is it just me or is this a really random story line? Yes, I realize this show is “reality,” but clearly MTV put this little diddy in for a reason, and I’d like to know what that is.
To attract an older audience?
To show that the Pratt family isn’t completely evil?
Because there is really nothing exciting happening at Casa De Pratt?
Why on earth is Nana on The Hills? And even more, why the hell does Spencer gossip to his freaking Nana? When I am with my grandma we play Rummikub and talk about why I am not married yet. I don’t call her up and tell her that my brother won’t talk to me cuz I hooked up with his best friend at his wedding.
There are just some things that grandmas don’t need to know. But I guess Spencer never got that memo. Anyways, maybe next week we’ll find out about Spencer’s recent obsession with/borderline kid napping of his Nana. Until then I’ll be drinking lemonade and eating cookies. Nana’s looked so good, I couldn’t help but get some of my own.

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