Feeling Mannish in the Winter?

Ah, fall. With its gorgeous colors, crisp air and back-to-school excitement, it’s undoubtedly my favorite season. The only problem with fall is that it leads into my least favorite season, winter. Being a New England gal, I’ve begrudgingly grown used to braving heavy snow and freezing temperatures, but there’s something else about winter that I’m not wild about.
It’s that, well, I get downright…mannish.
My appetite grows with the cold weather and I start scarfing down everything in sight. Science says that is my way of packing on extra pounds to stay warm, but I know it is just that warm Mac and Cheese just tastes so. good. in the winter.
I bundle up in clothes that don’t exactly show off my figure so I can be warm, and let’s just say I get a little lazy about regularly shaving my legs. And forget about wearing something pretty and feminine, like a short skirt. Nope, it’s my warmest baggy jeans and clunky boots all the way. With my hat pulled down over my hair, I’m one step away from getting an, “Excuse me, young man” when I bump into someone on the street.
I am getting a bit worried that my boyfriend will soon forget what it is like to date a girl, so I am making it my goal to retain a bit of femininity this winter. Below are a few things we can all do to draw the line between hibernating animal and college girl braving the winter winds.
If you want to look cute and feminine and still stay warm, there are ways. For one, you may not want to shave your legs every day, but a pair of pantyhose will hide that and keep your legs warm if you opt for a skirt. Use your layers wisely: start with a silk undershirt for warmth, and then a nice form-fitting shirt and sweater combo should be enough to keep you warm.
On the outside there’s not much you can do to dress up a parka, but go for a tailored pea coat for as long as you can hold it out. Dress up those somber winter colors with a colorful hat and scarf combo. And for that touch of boho chic, get a pair of cheap wool gloves and cut the fingers off. I need my hands to be warm in winter while having the dexterity for writing/texting, and I’ve received many compliments on my handmade fingerless gloves.
If you’re still feeling overly masculine, do something pleasantly girly, like curling up with a mug of hot chocolate. The best part of winter for me is feeling cozy indoors, especially if you’ve got someone to cozy up with. Bonus if that someone doesn’t care how often you shave your legs, or how much winter pudge you’ve packed on.

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