Tuesday’s College Blogger Shout Out

We spend more time online than in front of the TV (which is incredibly sad considering how much time we spend in front of the TV). If we aren’t shopping online we are attempting to date. Or flirt. Or stalk that boy that we want to date.
Once that gets boring, we usually hit up our favorite blogs, read the news (because we feel like we should) and then search for new favorite blogs.
Here are some of our favorite new finds for this week. College Bloggers, we love you:
Poorer Than You: A poor college student? Obvi. But this one happens to track their progress and offer advice to the many other poor college students out there. Love it.
Double Cheese Blogger: An entire blog about cheeseburgers? Is there anything better?!
Absolut College Girl: She’s your regular college girl, which is why we love reading what she has to say. She gets us! She really gets us!
College Student Blog: Lots of great advice on everything from applications to exams. This kid may be a freshie, but he’s full of info.
Photobooth Truths: She’s the cool girl who comes in late to class, that girl at the bar that you want to talk to but are intimidated by at the same time. She’s just cool. And we want to know her.

Feeling Mannish in the Winter?
Feeling Mannish in the Winter?
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