Let It Rock: This Week’s New Releases Feel Like a Circus

Britney SpearsCircus:
“There’s only two types of people in the world. The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe.”
So opens the title track on Britney Spears’ latest CD, Circus. Britney is clearly in the first category. And this is the album we’ve all been waiting for. The one that marks the start of her comeback. Wait, wasn’t her last album supposed to be her comeback? Well, forget about that because this time it’s for real. If you happened to take an hour out of your life to watch to her MTV documentary on Sunday night, you’d probably say she appears to be back on track. Then again, we’ve seen that before. But if Circus is any indication of Britney’s well-being, it’s safe to say the girl is back on her game.
Songs like “Circus” and “Kill the Lights” chronicle the tough times Britney’s had being in the public eye, but they’re not downers in the least bit. She even squeezes in a song about motherhood (wait, remember she’s a mom?) right at the end called “My Baby.” Let’s just hope she actually remembers that she has two babies. Circus is also loaded with songs I can see myself getting down to in the basement of my favorite bar. Clearly I’ve already done so with “Womanizer,” but “Leather and Lace” and “Mmm Papi” also have highly danceable beats.
Mr. Photographer? I think Britney’s finally ready for her close-up.
Akon- Freedom:
How can you not like Akon’s distinct, synthesized voice? His newest album, Freedom, features the hit single “Right Now (Na Na Na),” which I was just dancing to on Friday night. And while I’m always up for jamming to some Akon, it’s the special guests on the album that really make Freedom what it is. With collaborators like Wyclef Jean, T-pain, Lil’ Wayne, and Young Jeezy, there’s no way this album could be bad. You know everyone is going to memorize “Holla Holla” singing, “That’s why I’m tryna’ holla holla…let me holla at you girl”
Besides all the holla’ing, the album’s actually quite nice when you sit down and listen to the lyrics. Who knew Akon was such a sensitive soul? I have to say I kind of miss Wyclef Jean when he’s not around, so I was pretty thrilled to hear him on Akon’s “Sunny Day,” a song about leaving the ghetto life behind for a happier life. And then there’s a whole song about a girl being “so damn beautiful,” appropriately titled, “Beautiful.”
I’m not saying Akon’s got staying power, but I am saying I’d dance to his music any day.
Music From Degrassi: The Next Generation:
Maybe you don’t watch Degrassi. I won’t judge you if you don’t, but I will say you’re missing out (we’ll save that chat for another time). But even if you’ve never seen the show in your life, you’ll probably still fall in love with the show’s soundtrack. The only problem? The best of the music is so cool, you might already own most of it. From Paramore’s “Misery Business” to “Neighbors” from The Academy Is, most of these tracks are pure treadmill music, which is always a plus in my opinion.
But I’m sure there are some tracks you don’t own and may never have heard of. Much like the show, the music on the Degrassi soundtrack is predominantly directed toward teenagers. But who doesn’t enjoy teen music? All Too Much sings about liking someone as “More Than a Friend” and All Time Low croons emo-ish songs about first breakdowns and bad DJs. No matter who you are, the Degrassi soundtrack will help you remember a simpler time when high school really was the end of the world.
I’d take a break from watching Degrassi to listen to the Degrassi soundtrack. But only until I start feeling like I’m going to slit my wrists. Then it’s back to watching the show.

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