Sexy Models Give Men An Inferiority Complex

Whenever I look at the cover of a men’s magazine I want to cry. There is no way on earth I could ever compare to the airbrushed perfection that graces the covers of those mags. Just seeing them (in every one of my guy friends’ bathrooms) sends me on a downward spiral that inevitably leads to emotional eating and tears.
And I guess guys are beginning to feel the same way!
A new study out of the University of Missouri has found that the super sexy models doing their super sexy poses in laddie mags like Maxim and FHM have been having a negative effect on men’s self esteem. Whereas men used to love checking these ladies out (in the privacy of their own bathrooms, if you know what I’m sayin’), now looking at these girl just makes them feel inferior.

“Pictures of hot women, the study found, were more disturbing to a guy’s body image than were pictures of men with rippling abs and bulging biceps.”

Men feel so crappy about themselves from looking at these unrealistic representations of women that they have been requesting more realistic looking models!
Can you believe that? I mean, you know and I know that the models in those mags are total fantasy and the furthest thing from real women, but who ever thought guys would agree? It is about time men jumped on the “there is no way in hell any woman looks like that and we want to see the real deal” bandwagon!
Maybe this finally means an end to the unrealistic beauty ideals we have in our society and a celebration of what women really look like. You know, without the aid of baby oil, Photo Shop and fake boobs.

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