We Aren’t Immune To Sexual Assault, Ladies

Miami University in Oxford, OH (yea, confusing right?) conducted a survey to see just how aware young college women are about the dangers of “drug-facilitated sexual assault.” The findings were surprising…and pretty scary.
So we all know about roofies and not to accept drinks from guys cuz they’re probably creeps who want to take advantage of us. But how many times do we really apply our knowledge when we’re out at the bars? Have you ever turned down a free drink? (Editor’s Note: Hell no!)
Or how about this:
You set your drink down for a nano second to grab a cigarette (cuz your an impulsive chain smoke under the influence), pick up your drink and you’re back on your merry way. Little did you know, weirdo standing next to you sprinkled a little fairy dust in your drink and the next thing you know you’re falling over yourself as he carries you back into his shady lair.
It’s sad but true, ladies. The study showed that while most girls were aware that taking a drink from a stranger was a big no-no, they didn’t really think about the risk of leaving their drink unattended, even for a split second.
Here’s another scary fact: the U.S. Department of Justice reports that 1 in 5 women will be the victim of a sexual assault during their college years. That’s like saying one of your best friends, or even you, can be sexually assaulted during your 4 years (or longer, we don’t judge) at college. I don’t know about you, but that kinda freaks me out.
The thing is, most of us are probably really aware about the risks associated with a night on the town with the girls. But after a couple vodka shots and a tequila sunrise, that awareness is inclined to drop.
So, let’s try to be smart ladies. I’m not saying don’t drink or have a good time, but the truth is (and we all know this) all guys are creeps so don’t take any drinks from any guys (unless you came with them), watch your drink, and definitely do NOT go home with a guy you just met. That’s just wrong on so many counts.

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