Everyone’s Getting Fired! We Need to Laugh.

So, today is a pretty crappy day in the real world. Three major companies fired a lot of people: MTV, AT&T and NBC. Yeah, pretty big deal, especially if you are a college senior hoping, pleading, praying, and considering trading in some “favors,” for a job for next year.
Needless to say, it’s not a happy day out there. Not that you have it any better; you are probably holed up in a library somewhere cramming for a crappy final that doesn’t matter anyway now that there are no jobs to be had. Awesome.
Well, how about a little laughter? It is the best medicine (besides Valium, Pot and Vodka), right? This video always makes us laugh, so we thought we’d share it. So watch it and perk up, kids. At least the Big 3 Auto Makers are still doin’ alright.
Oh. Wait…
Well, at least it’s National Cookie Day. Go buy yourself a package of Oreos and “celebrate.”

Happy Holidays! Here’s An Abortion!
Happy Holidays! Here’s An Abortion!
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