Love Em or Hate Em: Bright Tights

If you looked at my closet you would think either:

A. I am color blind

B. I go to a lot of funerals

My closet is a wide array of blacks, grays and whites. What? I like to keep things simple. But lately I have been growing bored with my wardrobe. How many times can a girl wear black skinny pants and a white top? I feel like Doug Funny and his daily green vest/khaki shorts combo. (Yeah, I just made a Doug Funny reference.)

I have been itching to throw a bit of color into the mix, but without having to buy all new clothes. So, I figured incorporating the new brightly colored tights trend was a surefire win: they are cheap and go perfectly with the 50 black dresses I already own!

Only I am a little wary – this look is great on Gossip Girl, but I am just not sure if it would look so hot in the real world. What do you think about the bright tights? Yay or nay?

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