The CC Weekly Weigh In: Time for a Study Break!

Ugh. Finals. Is there anything worse? You sorta coast through the entire semester with nothing to do but some really boring reading and then – BAM – you have to take a giant test that determines your entire grade (and possibly future). Yeah, that’s not stressful or anything.
So now you are stuck in the library for days at a time trying to stuff 4 classes worth of info into your alcohol-tainted brain. And you need an effing break! What do you do? Here is what CollegeCandy’s writers do for their much needed study break:
Sues – University of New Hampshire: My whole day is pretty much a series of study breaks since I continuously get sucked into the Internet and realize that I’m online shopping, reading blogs, and basically doing everything but studying. If I step away from the computer, I go to the gym!
John – UConn: My study break is when I stop drinking coffee in order to drink beer.
Kari – FSU: My study break looks like Phish Food, a well earned back rub from my boyfriend, and a wonderfully distracting episode of The Office…30 minutes of Jim Halpert’s face will perk me up any day.
Elise – UCLA: I slice an apple, cover it in cinnamon and Splenda, put it in the Kitchenette oven…I don’t let myself think of anything stressful while I let it bake… 20 minutes later I have healthy, sugary goodness and a clear(er) mind!
Lauren – University of Michigan: Mind numbing internet surfing. With a Diet Coke and some Pringles.
Elizabeth – UA Huntsville: My study break involves Facebook and some form of chocolate. Lately it’s been chocolate milk. A lot. I hate exams.
Erica – Kent State: when I’m feeling extra healthy & productive.
Sarabeth – University of Texas: I put in one of my Grey’s Anatomy DVDs and make some Easy Mac.
Suzanne – Tulane: Honestly? I go on CollegeCandy.

Alex – Lakehead University: For a study break I usually make a cup of tea and either pick up a book if my brain isn’t fried yet or, hop on the computer to check my email. Another favorite of mine is calling a friend for a longer break; gossip can be SO de-stressing.
Beata: Watching Love Actually and crying/laughing hysterically. Very good stress reliever.

Carly – Grinnell : If my brain isn’t too fried from reading academic mush, I curl up with a fun book and a cup of hot chocolate or tea. If it IS too fried, I do a Sudoku. I don’t have math classes, so it’s fun to do something with numbers that is actually enjoyable.
Noa – CU Boulder: I go to the gym. It’s the only way I won’t feel guilty or stressed about taking a study break.
Sara C: I like going for a run downtown. Getting off campus for a bit reminds me that life does go on beyond final exams!
K – NYU: Take out, en masse, with as many friends I can find who also need to procrastinate. Nothing better than chatting and stuffing one’s self with slightly greasy Thai food.
What do you do?
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