The Love List: Tis the Season for Gap Scarves, Embarrassing Photos and Things That Will Make You Fat.

Welcome to my Weekly Love List. A list, on all things I love. Because if I love them – well then obviously you may (and should) love them too.
As the Backstreet Boys song says (and yes I am actually quoting them) “My Love is All I Have To Give.” So with that throwback, here are this week’s list-worthy things…]
1. Tis the Season for fabulous gap commercials. Is it just me or have they brought back this striped sweater/scarf ensemble every. Single. Year. Since 1998? When it all started with the multicolored one? At least this year, Jason Biggs, Freddy Rodriguez and Romany Malco make it look oh so cute. Scroll through a variety of ads with your favorite celebs, and pick up some cozy sweaters to boot.
2. ScanMyPhotos – Unfortunately, (or in my case, fortunately) the photos you have laying around your house pre-digi cam and pre-selfies are usually one of a kind. If you lose it, use it in a project, burn it in a séance, etc., it is gone forever. Ideally, you would like to scan every single one of your photos from your 8th grade field trip when you finally held hands with Benjamin. But that takes forever and stalking on Facebook wins out every single time.
Thankfully, this genius company will do all the labor for you. Sure it’s a little disconcerting to send every single hard copy you have away, but it’s well worth it. Every single photo comes back to you plus a disc with every single photo scanned. Now that 4th grade picture of you as a not-so-little kid will be around FOREVER. Case in point: that lovely picture of me to the right. That my brother got scanned. Then loaded onto Facebook. And tagged me in it. Spe-cial.
3. Adorable and affordable party dress. While doing this week’s Celebrity Chic on the Cheap, I came across this fabulous find. It’s metallic without being overly sparkly, it’s sexy without being overly whoreish and it’s the perfect ensemble for your Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year’s party. And if you need to conservative-ify it even more, just throw a black long sleeve shirt and opaque black tights underneath it and now it’s something both you and your dad will love.
4. Nothing says holidays like treats. Especially choclatey candy cane treats. Basically anything that makes your pants so tight that by the time New Years Rolls around you swear you are going to hit the gym “like at least twice a day.” It’s what makes the world go round. So what kind of citizen would I be if I didn’t bring you a recipe for peppermint chocolate fudge? Not a very good one I say.
5. Just when you thought you couldn’t love Pumpkin Spice any more… Philosophy proves you wrong. After a stressful finals study session, take a bath with this delectable Pumpkin Spice Muffin bath and shower gel and forget about that bad grade your TA gave you. What does he know anyway? Not English, that’s for sure.

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