Dazzle ‘Em with Twilight-Inspired Beauty

So tell us. Are you as obsessed with Twilight as we are? We finished the entire series — even the unpublished 5th manuscript! — in less than two weeks, and of course we pre-ordered our tickets for the movie (we’ll be there Friday night at 10pm with some of our other obsessed friends!).
So it only stands to reason that we’ve been noticing tons of beauty products that seem to be inspired by the series. From highlighter to lipgloss, eyeliner to perfume, we’ve got the products that will certainly make you dazzle in the meadow like our beloved Edward.
Lipstick Queen Black Tie Optional Shine
This gooey pot of gloss somehow refrains from being sticky or tacky, but let us forewarn you — you do not need a lot to make the black work! Start slowly and keep building till you reach the desired shade. We like it a bit on the grayer side, so it makes us look truly undead.
$22 at lipstickqueen.com

Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection
This trio of fragrances, which launches in February 2009, just had to be inspired by the series. Are you really telling us that Dawn (a soft floral), Endless (a fruity floral) and TWILIGHT (an ambery musk) didn’t somehow take their cue from the love between Bella and Edward?
$38-$58 on HSN starting in February

Alora Ambiance Air Freshener Set in Bella
Is it just us, or does the font really look like the one from Twilight? Maybe we’re more obsessed than we thought … but we’re pretty sure Bella would approve of this lemon, ylang ylang and ginger root-infused scent.
$80 at beauty.com

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick
If you want that “I just got back from the woods, where I was hunting all weekend so I wouldn’t bite you instead” look, then you simply must check out this line of lippies. With names like Hellbent and Underage Red, we’re betting it’s Rosalie’s fave.
$18 each at sephora.com

Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow
You knew we just had to mention at least one product that would make your skin sparkle in the sunlight. And while our human skin simply pales in comparison, even with help, this illuminating cream most certainly helps us feel like we fit in with our vampire friends.
$36 at fresh.com

Prescriptives Moonbeam Reflective Eyeliner
Beaming Midnight. Beaming Forest. Beaming Twilight. Sensing a pattern here? We find it hard to fathom these not drawing inspiration straight from the Cullen clan — especially since they each add a tiny dash of sparkle to your lids.
$17.50 each at prescriptives.com

Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio in Twilight
Looking for a way to create those dark under-eye circles that really stand out against pale skin? Well, then you definitely need this trio. The matte black hue is a perfect base, while the silver and white shades lend it the subtlest hint of shimmer.
$28 at smashbox.com

Benefit Cosmetics Moon Beam
This one rings up a lot cheaper than the Fresh version — but it’s just as amazing for creating that dewy, sparkling complexion that, unfortunately, will keep you indoors on a sunny day.
$24 at benefitcosmetics.com

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Twilight
The five blues, grays and blacks in this compact are all absolutely perfect for day-to-night looks that really and truly make you look like the most beautiful vampire this side of Forks.
$54 at sephora.com

Gianna Rose Atelier Tresors des Mers Seashell Soaps in Apothecary Jar
We’d like to believe Bella found some of these while walking along the shore with Jacob. Maybe the honeysuckle and jasmine scent is a bit far-fetched, but hey — this is a vampire story, so we’re allowed to dream!
$49.95 at giannarose.com
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