DIY Xmas Gifts: Reformed Bracelets

So the economy blows. Which is pretty perfect timing considering that one time of the year we’re expected to come to our loved ones bearing gifts is approaching. Great. So now we’re all expected to somehow make less money and still spend the same amount of money on Xmas gifts that we spent last year. How the eff do we make this work?
DIY crafts, kids.
If you need some inspiration, I highly suggest scoping out, but, regardless of Etsy, there are nifty gifts you can make yourself for friends and family. You can do it cheaply. You can do it easily. And lets face it, a handmade gift is always more appreciated than that bottle of body spray everyone knows you just got for free because you spent more than $50 at Bath & Body.
Heat it into a bracelet.
From vinyl records to spoons, heating every day objects to a point of flexibility for the purposes of making a bracelet is easy and always makes for a nice gift.
Heat your oven to 200 degrees for the vinyl record bracelet. Set the whole record on a cookie sheet and keep it in the oven until the record begins to bubble. Remove it from the oven and cut the record into strips while still hot. Place the strips back into the oven for a few minutes and then remove. When you remove the strips, wrap them around something that symbolizes your wrist, but is not your wrist. Think jars, paper towel tubes, anything other than your own flesh.
Other items, like spoons and toothbrushes, are easily heated into flexibility simply through boiling them in a pot of water.
Note: Use oven mits for these projects! There’s nothing cheery about 2nd and 3rd degree burns on your hands at the Christmas tree.
With that said, decorating these cute reformed bracelets is easy, too. Add a little sequin and nail polish paint and you’ve got the perfect gift for that 14 year old niece who isn’t impressed by much, or your BFF who loves classic rock.

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