Cute Crocs? Miracles Do Happen!

Pop quiz! Who makes the ugliest shoes on Earth?Ask anyone this question and they’ll give you one of two answers. Uggs. Or Crocs.
Now, I will happily argue to my death that Uggs are not that ugly and I will continue to wear them despite what anyone says. But Crocs? Disgusting rubber, brightly colored Crocs? I wouldn’t even be caught dead in them. After all, when I think of the average Crocs-wearer, I think of grubby little kids wearing orange shirts with bright yellow Crocs (always clashing) with those stupid little charms stuck in the holes. Or their plain un-stylish parents.
Do I fall into one of those categories? I think not.
So imagine my surprise when I was browsing the shoe store the other day and saw a super cute pair of boots that were made by Crocs! “No,” I thought to myself. “It couldn’t be. Crocs makes ugly rubber sandals. Crocs don’t make fashionable, totally cute boots for women!”
Um, turns out they do. Crocs actually make several pairs of boots that aren’t just kinda cute, but are so adorable they’re the first thing my eye landed on when I entered the store. I wanted every last pair, but could I really buy Crocs? I mean, they are cute, but they’re still Crocs. Paris Hilton dressed in a nun outfit is still Paris Hilton!
And what if someone were to see me in them?
On the other hand, they are a hot pair of boots. And why do many people wear Crocs in the first place? Certainly not for their cuteness; it’s for their comfort. Allegedly, Crocs are so comfortable, millions of people overlook their hideousness and wear them on a daily basis. (Note: I wouldn’t know; I’ve never come close to even trying on a pair.) If Crocs make ugly comfortable shoes, maybe they also make cute comfortable shoes. And I sure could use a pair of boots that are both fashionable and comfortable.
Maybe it’s time for me to hop on the Crocs train. Looks like all Crocs are not created equal.

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