The Body Blog: Pole Dancing Classes – A Workout?!?!

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Now, I know what you may be thinking: I’m the same lady who, a few months ago, wrote a blog about how I felt about the ladies of the pole. You know – strippers. Now, while I voiced my opinion on how I felt about my boyfriend visiting them, I did not (and made it a point not to) bash strippers for what they were doing (their job).
So, when my girlfriend called me up a few weeks ago and asked me if I’d like to try a new workout class, which happened to be Introductory Pole Dancing, I was game. Hey, if nothing else I could get a feel for what it’s all about and maybe learn a thing or two… Plus, I had heard it was great exercise.
So, for $15 bucks, I signed up for my 90 minute (very long class!) workout around the pole.
When the class began, my girlfriends and I went into the studio and did about 30-45 minutes of intense stretching and warm-ups. Now, coming from an individual who barely stretches when she works out, this was something I wasn’t used to; I was using muscles that I didn’t think I even had! I cramped up quite a bit during the warm up, and I hadn’t even gotten near a pole yet.
Once we finally approached the pole, we started learning how to walk around it, were taught one trick, then eventually built up to a sequence combining sexy walking, the pole trick, and moving our bodies around the pole. It was different; I will admit I started cracking up a few times as the instructor told me to run my fingers through my hair. However, I felt like I got the hang of the simple moves and started to really get into it. After 90 minutes, I was bummed the class was over and anxious to sign up for more.
I enrolled in the six week Level 1 program.
This class is not as I pictured; I imagined lots of raunchy stripper moves, stripper heels and stripper hair. And it’s not. The Pole Dancing class was about strengthening your core muscles and your body, and learning how to connect with yourself as a female. It’s invigorating and empowering…and one hell of a workout!
Not only that – the class was fun! There is no better way to get a workout than in an environment that doesn’t feel like work (until you feel the aches and pains the next morning), and this class was definitely more fun than a 45 minute trip to the weight room.
Pole dancing may not be for you – though I do think everyone should try it! – but some alternative and new form of exercising will be. This class taught me to open up and incorporate something new into my workout routine, and you should too. Hip hop dance? Bike riding? Trampoline classes? Try something different. You (and your body) will not regret it.
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