The Hills: Moving Out and Moving On

So, tonight’s episode kinda sucked. (Almost as bad as that picture to the left. Fo realz.) The best part of it was the hummus I scarfed down while watching. I can’t totally blame the people over at MTV, though; that episode of Gossip Girl was pretty hard to follow.
But, still – the episode actually opened up a lot more questions than it answered. Questions like:
1) What is the point of the whole Stephanie/Cameron relationship? I mean, really, why did this story line ever exist? Was it to show us that boys like Stephanie? Did MTV hope for it to cause more tension than it did? Maybe a bar brawl between Cameron, Brody and his Bromancers? Was it to bring Steph and Spencer together, or maybe tear them apart? Why?!
The love story lasted for like 5 minutes over the span of 6 episodes, so why are we supposed to care that they broke up? I just don’t understand. Enlighten me, people. (Speaking of Cameron, did anyone else notice when he tried to kiss Heidi hello and he totally got the back of her head? Awkward!)
2) Did MTV force Lauren’s parents out of their house? Lauren’s epiphanies about moving on and growing up seem a bit too…er…advanced for her to have come up with on her own, which leads me to believe that this was yet another scripted moment by the folks at MTV. Does that mean, then, that they forced her parents to move out of their mansion so they could create this moment? That’s a lot of packing for one crappy episode.
3) Did Whitney sit on a plane for 6 hours (12 round-trip!) in that dress? God, she must have been cold. And did they intentionally have her NY doppelganger come get her at the bottom of the stairs at the DVF office? That girl was totally her twin, right? Am I right? It was almost trippy, sort of a “this is gonna be you…exactly” moment.
4) How on earth did MTV get the Heidi/Spencer wedding episode edited and ready to roll for next week when it just happened 2 weeks ago?

Interesting. Interesting indeed.

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