Move Over, Womanizers. Let The Ladies Through.

The days of pure, innocent and hard-to-get women are long gone. At least that’s what a new poll out of the U.K. has found. According to More magazine (the U.K. version, not the one in the U.S. for women over the age of 50), young women are having more sex than men.
Lots more!
Women have more partners, more one night stands and are more willing to talk about it than their male counterparts. That last fact may contribute to some skewed statistics (men may be having lots of sex but just don’t want to talk about it), but the trend highlighted in this poll is definitely right on target.
The modern woman is no longer waiting for her prince to swoop down and give her a happy ending; she is out there getting it (again and again) on her own. We don’t need to be in love to express our sexuality. We don’t need to be married to enjoy the natural, carnal instincts men have been enjoying since the beginning of time.
This poll proves that women are just as sexual of creatures as men, and that we view sex in similar ways. Women are not always out there to “find love” or “get serious”; many of us are out there looking for a little fun.
And it looks like we are finding it. The world of sex and love is changing, and women are coming out on top (pun intended).

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