Night Styler: Party Like It’s 1929

[In early adulthood there is an activity that plays a large role in most of our lives; nights out on the town. And with those nights out always comes the question: “What am I gonna wear?!?”
Each week I’ll be putting together a cute and affordable “going out” ensemble guide (that you can tweak to your own personal style and body type, of course) so that maybe that age-old question can be answered a little quicker than usual. And your friends aren’t waiting – for hours – for you to emerge from your room. Just consider me your own (free) personal Rachel Zoe.]
It’s the holiday/party season and with the economy in bad shape, it is the perfect time to honor another time of financial woe and give your party outfit some of that old style, 1920’s glamour. I read an article a few months ago when the financial meltdown had just begun that was reflecting on how times of national financial hardship tend to lead to more excessive glamour and glitz for the sake of lifting spirits, so why not take advantage of the currently bleak economy by having fun, going a bit overboard, and puttin’ on the ritz?
A flirty black dress is always popular, and something with ruffles or fringe will get that true 20’s feel…

Stockings were all the rage in those times, but give it a more modern twist with a funky pair of fishnets or sheer textured tights.

A cute pair of peep-toe pumps are the perfect compliment to this look. To add a little fun, get some pumps in a color other than black, like this purple pair.

Of course, no outfit is complete without jewelry, and (faux) pearls are the best option for this look. (Just be sure not to put too many pieces of jewelry on, you don’t wanna look too costume-y)

Or go for ultimate glam and put a vintage/vintage-inspired broach on your dress…

And if you really wanna go for that vintage feel, top it all off with a fun feathery hair piece, or an awesome hat…

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