A Day without Gay. No Way!

Ever since California agreeed to pass Proposition 8, many gay right activists groups have been rallying in an effort to overturn the decision.
But today, instead of protesting, activists are asking that gays call out of work. The reason: they’re gay.
Much like the immigrant rights demonstration a couple years ago (ex. Day without Mexicans), gays are trying to prove a point: they are valuable members of society, despite their sexual preferences.
But can you imagine a world without gays?!
Who will I go to to get my hair done just the way I like it?
Who’s blog will I read to stay abreast of all the celebrity gossip essential to keep my day moving?
What will Jessica Simpson do without that guy to put those really awful extensions in her hair?!
Who will dress the world?!
What will I watch at 11 a.m. on NBC everyday?
Who’s FIERCE catch phrases will I steal?
And most importantly…
What the hell will I do without Tim Gunn’s inspiration to “make it work” everyday?
…a world without gays? I’d rather not.

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