Kickin’ my Habit: The Smokers Diary Week 7

I have come to the conclusion that I will never actually stop smoking if I continue to let myself smoke at all, even if it’s just when I am drinking. For example, I went out to a Japanese Steakhouse on Friday night and had myself a lovely eight cigarettes, but justified it because I had a drink in my hand. Then, I rationed that it was acceptable to smoke an entire pack (yeah, you heard me) between Saturday and Sunday because I was out being social with people, having a drink here or there.
When I woke up Sunday morning hacking a lung, I realized that I had two decisions: A) Give up on my quest to quit smoking, succumb to my urges, and light up whenever I feel like it, or B) Make a serious decision about my health and realize that if I continue down this road I could have cancer in 20 years.
So, I chose the latter and have decided to go cold turkey. No packs. No one here, one there. No drags. I’m not going to kick this thing if I continue to allow myself to cheat.
It’s Wednesday and I have successfully gone without smoking a cigarette for three whole days. My running feels better and so does my overall body. While the cravings are still strong, my will to want to be rid of this habit has (for now) remained stronger. I just hope that next weekend, when I’m out having drinks at my company’s holiday party or out on the town with my boyfriend and friends, I don’t feel compelled to sneak outside and steal a drag.
Think cold turkey was a good move CC-ers? Give me some strength to get through the very trying days (big holiday dinners with lots of annoying family members) ahead. I can use all the help I can get.
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