How Condoms Are Made

When most people think of condoms, 3 main questions come to mind:
1. Will this keep me safe?
2. Will this prevent me from having a baby?
3. Did it break?
A condom is one of those things that you use (a lot, if you’re lucky…and smart), but never really think about. You know which kinds you like (Trojan), you know where to get them (CVS because it’s open 24 hours), and you know that they are a must-have for a night of passion.
But did you ever think about how they are made? (Me either, mostly because I didn’t care. If they are keeping my uterus empty, a drunk monkey could make em.) The entire process is actually really cool and interesting. They check each and every one for leaks! They wash and sterilize them! They fill them with air to test their durability!
Fascinating! Watch the video above. Just know: condoms have never looked less sexy.

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