Love It Or Hate It: Plaid

I’m itching to go shopping. You know how it goes – everything you see in ads, on commercials and on the street looks so cute you have to have it. I am having one of those weeks, which is never good during holiday season. Between the sales and the amount I have to spend on other people, getting near a mall to shop for myself is dangerous.
I don’t even have anything particular that I want or need. I just want. Gimme, gimme, gimme.
I want new jeans, new boots and some new tops to wear to class. No more sweatshirts for this lady; I am ready to dress cute for class. And I think the perfect look would be plaid. It is cute without trying too hard, it is versatile, and the flannel shirts are nice and warm. But is it ugly? Sometimes I wonder if I really like something, or if I convince myself I like it because it is at Urban Outfitters.
Yes? No? What do you think about plaid?
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