Women Just Can’t Get Enough

So, we learned the other day that women are having more sex than men. I was surprised by that fact (because men are so obsessed with getting some…all the time), but embraced the cultural shift. Women have needs and they are finally feeling comfortable enough to go out and fulfill them.
But the sex doesn’t seem to be enough! This morning I learned that women are not only are sleeping around a bit more, but they are also taking care of business on their own a lot more, too! A recent survey revealed that 9 out of 10 women masturbate.
Women claim that self-pleasuring (a nice way of saying “masturbating”) gives them confidence when they are with a man, and that it is a natural extension of how liberated we have become in all other facets of our lives.
And it feels really good, obvi.
All of these new findings finally prove that women are sexual beings who never had the opportunity to explore before. Now we do. And we can’t get enough.
Do you “self pleasure”?
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