Bettie Page, A Sexual Icon, Dies

Bettie Page died Thursday night after suffering a heart attack December 2, leaving her on life support. The infamous Ms. Page was known for being a sexual icon, the first of her kind, and paving the way for women and sexuality.

Even though Bettie gave up modeling back in the early ’60s, she has not been forgotten. The phrase “pin-up girl” is automatically associated with her name and infamous curvacious body and jet black hair. She has inspired kinkiness in all sorts of forms as thousands of women have attempted to follow in her footsteps, artists have painted her, and film makers have documented her life (“The Notorious Bettie Page”).

Despite her unfortunate passing, I have a feeling Ms. Page will continue to inspire women. Even celebs today have tried to emmulate her sex appeal (think Kat Von D). Hef himself described her as “a combination of wholesome innocence and fetish-oriented poses that is at once retro and very modern.” She is timeless.

She was a woman’s woman who exuded sex from her pores and left every guy wanting more. It is no wonder Ms. Page is held in such high esteem. She is an inpsiration to women everywhere and has definitely left her mark on me.

Below, Ms. Bettie Page – our icon – at her finest and most beautiful:

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