The CC Weekly Weigh In: Beat Those Winter Blues

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got the winter blues. Between my frozen fingers, my wet toes and the gray skies, I am not sure how much longer I am going to last. I want some sun, dammit! Not that it is coming any time soon; winter has only just begun. We have at least 3 more months of Uggs, gloves and snotcicles dripping down our faces.
How are we supposed to make it through? The CollegeCandy writers give us their best beat-the-winter-blues advice:
Sarah – East Carolina University: I bake cookies. And everything else that is loaded with sugar, or chocolate, or other deliciousness.
Kathryn S.: Booze, booze, booze, and watching holiday movies. While drunk.

Sara C – Fordham
: Nothing beats a Seinfeld DVD marathon and a cup of hot chocolate with friends. Oh, and a good book! Any suggestions?

Megan – Brown University
: I put on my fluffy robe and slippers and snuggle in bed to watch Full House reruns. Add a plate of cookies and it’s the perfect hibernation.
Lauren – University of Michigan: Alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

Kari – FSU:
I am immune to winter blues! Cheesy music, superfluous food and cookies, soft sweaters, awesome hair days and just enough time at home for me to reap the benefits of free laundry and free food without getting sick of parental supervision. No way Jose – sign me up for December year round!
Erica – Kent State: I like to crank up the heat in my house (not for too long, but long enough to where it’s a little toasty) and wear shorts/summer attire and drink margaritas. I also LOVE to listen to some of my favorite summer jams – think Grateful Dead, Jimmy Buffett, anything you would normally hear at summer music festivals.
Carly – Grinnell: Hot chocolate, reading books while wrapped in a blanket, and warming my hands above the toaster.
Noa – CU Boulder: I go tanning. I know it’s bad for me, but that 10 minutes of (artificial) sun make me feel so much better.
Sam – Johnson and Wales: Watching bad TV. And sex cures everything, too.
Sarabeth – University of Texas: For me it’s just Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice. For me and the bf however, it’s spending LOTS of time in bed.

Liza – Grove City College
: Holiday Cheer! I get into all the decorations and music – so uplifting. It doesn’t work after the holidays, though, so January and February can be rather bitter.
Lyndsey – University of Michigan: One word: saunas. Let me tell you, the Finns know what’s up.
Suzanne – Tulane: How can you be down this time of year? It’s HOLIDAY SEASON! (I really love it. I’m pathetic.)

Leah – Ryerson University
: Watching movies with my roommate while drinking cappuccinos and eating Timbits (Doughnut holes for the American folk.)
Diana – NYU: I don’t fight it–I give in to my winter blues and embrace them in all their sweatpants-wearing, lazy glory.
Alex – Lakehead University: I don’t get the winter blues! I’m from Canada – I love my 10 months of winter!

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