Weekly Wrap Up: This Week Was Filled With Ups and Downs

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – while the holidays are upon us, so is the end of the semester. And this week was a mixed bag of excitement (shopping!) and dread (studying!) for the season.

On the upside, there are definitely several things to look forward to, like our NCAA National Football Championship airline ticket giveaway, and a couple more items on the to-do list before the ball drops on 2009. Of course, if you’re looking for that perfect gift, perhaps a personal DIY project will do just the trick. Getting dolled up a la Twilight stars and pole-dancing for fitness are two of our new fave ways to look hot.

And when it comes to staying warm this season, there’s nothing like a little personal company. Whether you did the dirty with your first serious significant other or it led to a walk of shame, we’re all looking for some body heat to get us through the winter. We discussed the benefits of getting down with the game playa or the honest boy, and the scandalous new phenomenon of “sexting.” Regardless of who, when, or how often you’re hooking up, one thing is for certain: ladies are definitely getting some for themselves these days.

If all of that doesn’t help you through the end of finals, at least take these tips for saving your grades and stick around next week for more CollegeCandy fun!

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