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The Facebook Status Problem


I’ve written about my various issues with Facebook before, but the improper use of the Facebook status now tops my list of things that drive me crazy.I don’t believe in Facebook statuses (stati?). I find 93% of them unnecessary and the other 7% contradictory. What am I supposed to think when someone’s Facebook status says they’re doing work ALL night, their away message says they’re wasted, and their Gmail status says they love the new Beyonce song? Where do I even try to start a conversation? Should I meet them in the library at 4 a.m with a tray of shots and the lyrics to “If I Were a Boy”?

But that’s not even my biggest concern with the Facebook Status. My issue is the “IS.” Over a year ago Facebook removed the obligatory “IS” from the status. But every day (Ok, 3 times a day) I sign on and people are not only still using the “IS,” but they are using it incorrectly:

Gena is CoUlD iT bE aNy CoLdeR?

Mallory is LOST MY PHONE. LOL.

Sharon is HAHA Beverly Hills chihuahua was soooo funny.

Yes, I am kinda a grammar snob, but come on people! The problem is so easy to fix:

1. If you just love the “IS” so much that you can’t live without it, then add a few more words.

Gena is curious to know if it could be any colder

2. Delete the “IS”

Mallory lost her phone. LOL.

3. Reconsider posting a status that reflects badly on yourself

Sharon has no status.

Even though I will never like the Facebook status, I will always appreciate a grammatically correct one. Bonus points if it’s funny.

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