Amy Poehler’s Goodbye to SNL

SNL is supposed to make us laugh, which it failed to do for a long (long) time after Will Ferrell left. Then funny women Amy Poehler and Tina Fey came along and sent me running home every night to watch.
Ok, so that’s a lie. I don’t usually leave the bar before a 2 a.m. screaming rendition of Like A Prayer. I did begin DVRing SNL, though, and rewinding Weekend Update over and over again. That sh*t is funny and Amy Poehler is the woman I dream to become: funny, witty, successful, blonde, and married to Will Arnett.
So, yeah, SNL has been making me laugh lately. A lot. But last night it made me cry again. Not because it was so unfunny that it hurt (like that Michael Phelps ep.), but because my favorite little lady is leaving the show for good. Amy P. decided it was time to stay home with her new baby (boooo!) and took a little time out of last night’s episode to say goodbye.
It was everything you’d expect from a Poehler goodbye, though the comic relief could not stop my tears. (I know, pathetic.) Let’s just hope this is only a little pause in Poehler’s career and not the end. And that SNL doesn’t start majorly sucking now that she’s gone.

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