Night Styler: My High Fashion Wish List

While I love finding the perfect gifts for people and seeing their faces as they open them, I must admit, all this holiday shopping has got me wanting to get a few gifts of my own. It doesn’t help that there are great sales EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, those sales are linked to the crappy economy, which means I don’t have the freedom to snatch them up right now, and yet, I want nothing more than to buy myself this ensemble to be lookin’ mighty fine into the new year.
(Note: I found most of these things on bluefly or piperlime, so they’re discounted. Does that make it better?)
I am in love with this Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt. I love the main blue color, I love the plum details and I love that it’s flowy on the bottom to hide those extra holiday pounds, but with the structuring I’m confident it’d make my boobs look quite spectacular.

Pair it with these hot, dark wash skinny jeans by Joe’s Jeans (which always look great on my bootie) and I’ll be accenting the great stuff and hiding the not-so-great.

I’m a shoe fanatic and a firm believer that shoes can make or break an outfit. I’m loving these shoes because of their gorgeous color (which will bring out that lovely plum in the shirt), the t-straps (which are huge right now) and the fact that they’re wedges, which makes ’em all the more comfy to wear out for a night on the town.

The icing on the cake are these hot jewelry pieces from Lucid New York; beautiful hand-made jewelry at a great price.

And, just because every woman wants a Chanel bag, I have to add it to my list. I know it’s never gonna happen, but maybe? I’ve been a very good girl this year.

Now hopefully my boyfriend took my advice and is getting me a few of the things on my wishlist!

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