Tuesday’s College Blogger Shout Out

(Yes, we realize that babies are not college bloggers, but it was just so cute.
What up, ladies? It’s Tuesday, which means 2 things:
1. You got a lot to do before the weekend.
2. It’s College Blogger Shout Out day!
Yay! Just what you need to get you through those long days at the library. You can’t write 3 papers back to back with no breaks, can you? These sites are perfect for the time between the papers when you have to stop or your brain is going to melt/you are going to go crazy.
We found some great ones for you this week, so check em out and enjoy. Just don’t enjoy them too much; you still have a class or two to pass before break.
That’s So Fetch: Addicting, hilarious and the best way to avoid the stacks of notes on your desk.
Driving on the Sidewalk: A pop culture blog written by a hilarious and fabulous college coed. If we knew who she was, we’d make her be our friend on Facebook (and in real life).
Where Is Wall Street: Finance is boring, but not on this site. Money and all that jazz is all broken down for you in an interesting, entertaining and relateable way. Who knew economics would be so fun?

Breaking News: Brangelina Officially Repopulating The Planet
Breaking News: Brangelina Officially Repopulating The Planet
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