Love Em or Hate Em: Light Wash Denim

I have 12 pairs of jeans. TWELVE. If that isn’t bad enough, only 4 fit me right now, one of the four has a giant hole in the leg, and the rest all look exactly the same anyway. What possessed me to buy 12 pairs of the same jeans, I will never know.

So, I’m in the mood for a new pair, but there are some qualifications:

1. They must fit over my butt

2. They must not look like the rest of my jeans

I have been researching (read: hanging out at Nordstroms) and noticed that there is an old trend resurfacing in denim: light wash. As in the jeans we used to wear back in 1993 when Saved by the Bell was still on and MC Hammer was 2 Legit to Quit.

They fit my rules (shockingly, the rest of my jeans are not acid washed), but I am not sure if this is a style I am ready to embrace. Thoughts?

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